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Highyieldtradings is pioneered by Mr. Mangaldeep Mohanty. He is a hard core intraday trader, an investor & a trainer, who strongly believes that mastering the stock market & being an independent profitable trader depends on having the right attitude towards the stock market.

His niche is technical analysis, majorly support-resistance, usage of volume & price action. He is backed up by a team of research analysts who are extremely passionate about the stock market & are well-versed in every aspects of trading.



We are flexible enough to take up anything that interests you & adds on to your cognizance.


We keep the batch size restricted in order to be able to concentrate on all of you on an individual basis.

reasonable cost

The huge training content & quality that we provide is incomparable.

we keep things simple yet strong

Trading is not a rocket science, the more simple you keep the things, the more is the success ratio.

one year access to recordings

We provide life time access to google cloud so that you can refer the training stuffs, from anywhere you want.

can be clutched by everyone

We have designed the program in a way that can be mastered by everyone, may it be a student, a professional or a home maker.

access to HYIT's trading scripts

These are the most personalized stuffs that we have developed post months of back testing in the live market.


easy accessibility to live webinars

We have made sure to include every modern time gadget, using which you can access our webinars from anywhere.

support through out the clock

No matter what time it is, we will be there to answer your queries & clear your road blocks.

our vision

HighYieldTradings is fascinated by the idea of spreading the cognizance in regards to Day Trading, mostly known as Intraday Trading, and also the knowledge related to investing in stock market. We have a strong determination to erase the myth that Intraday Trading is not good enough to make consistent profits. The team is fueled by passion, who are strong in technical analysis of the stocks and are being backed up by well planned strategies which have been proved profitable in day trading and investing. We firmly believe in being consistent and the saying, “if you respect your strategy, then your strategy will respect you”. The Team follows different strategies for various kind of traders, after all the strategy holds good if it is being used by the right person. We understand the need of the hour and realize that more and more people should be getting engaged in trading. A simple thought process of the team is, everyone should be financially independent by making consistent profits, which in turn will make the Indian Economy grow.

Free Cognizance

A page where you will find a lot of video tutorials to learn from. All of them will surely be add-ons towards gaining more knowledge in regards to the stock market.

Webinar Updates

A page where you will find all the details about out upcoming webinars & the contents for the same. It also highlights some top features & giveouts that we offer our Trainees.

What our Trainees say

A page where you will find the feedback from our trainees regarding the training program, their experience with us, the positive changes they have been through as a trader/investor & many more.

Trade gallery

A page where you will find a brief technical analysis of the stocks, drawn on the charts. These are the picks that are traded in the live market on a particular trading day.