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Knowing the basics of trading is very important, but knowing where and when exactly to implement it, is far more important and critical. Our training is exactly on the same lines. We make sure that you are self sufficient and confident enough to make a profitable trade by yourself. So here is an awesome way to take up the training course in a virtual classroom.There is no magic wand, no hidden formulas and no secret handshakes that can bring you immediate success in trading. The only thing you need to invest is your time, energy, focus and determination accompanied with sheer discipline, that can make you a successful trader/investor. 

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Segments to be covered

Equity/Cash Intraday Trading

Swing Trading

Positional Trading

MCX (Crudeoil) Intraday Trading


A Trading account

A Demat account

A capital as low as INR 5,000

Training duration details

Training duration – 45 Days (Occurs every Saturday & Sunday)

Session duration – 120 Mins + 90 Mins of doubt clearing session post the training session (Can be extended, if required)

Monday to Friday – You will be provided with intraday calls whenever feasible & will be assisted with any trades you might take up.

Mode of training

Live Online Webinar on “ClickMeeting” having features like

Live video/audio

Live chats

Training mode

Q&A mode

Webinar recording in HD

Choose your technical analysis course

Choose from any of the three below mentioned packages as per your interest. We welcome you to an exceptional learning experience that you will hold for a life time.

Package 1

  • Equity/Cash Intraday Trading
  • NIFTY Futures
  • MCX (Crudeoil & Zinc) Trading
  • Swing Trading
  • Positional Trading

Package 2

  • Equity/Cash Intraday Trading
  • NIFTY Futures
  • MCX (Crudeoil & Zinc) Trading
  • Swing Trading
  • Positional Trading

Frequently asked questions

The training duration is for 45 days, which means the training will continue for 7 weeks. The webinar sessions will be held for 14 days, every Saturday & Sunday. Each session’s duration will be for approx. 4 hrs (120 Mins of training session + 120 Mins of doubt clearing session). On the week days (Monday to Friday), we will provide intraday calls, whenever feasible and will also assist you with any trades that you might have taken or wanna take.

All the sessions will be conducted over online live webinars. Which means, you will be able to listen to the trainer and also you will be able to see whatever the trainer shows you on his computer. Also you will be able to talk to the trainer directly to ask any queries that you might be having. By this way, we are making it flexible for everyone to join our training classes irrespective of where you are located.

Yes, you will continue getting the guidance from us whenever you need/ask it. That is the whole purpose why we have a completely separate server for the Trainees on Discord. And this is one of the most important things that we take into consideration, that once someone joins our training program, we will be supporting them post training as well.

If you miss the webinar, you don’t have to be worried about because we provide permanent access to the Google Cloud (the place where we store our training videos) to all the trainees, who can refer the videos any time they want & from anywhere they want. This has been done keeping in mind that, revoking the access to the videos will not serve the purpose of learning, rather it’s always good to have the references ready, so that you can refer them any time.

The videos that you see on YouTube are just the upper layers, and there is much more to it when it comes to technicals, fundamentals, and many other things to that matter of fact. The contents that we cover in the training, are completely different than what you see on YouTube.