Welcome to the toughest game in the world !!!

In Day Trading, we are playing with some of the most smartest, wittiest and  irrational minds in our country.

We are dealing with traders who are much more experienced than what we are. We are playing with funds those have much more money than what we have. Also we are playing with ourselves, our minds, our emotions, that will try their level best to make us think that the action that we have taken or going to take is wrong. So taking all these things into consideration, don’t you think we should be brave enough to prove that we can stand strong against all these factors and show ourselves that we can make consistent profits in the stock market ?

If yes, then leave all your dreams of making that quick or easy money behind and start concentrating on YOUR SURVIVAL.

Your first aim is to survive in the market. Your absolute first goal should be to learn how to stay in the game. Learning and understanding the market emotions and behavior is the key to be a successful day trader or an investor. We have tons and tons of various ways to know stuffs related to the market but we are not ready to invest our time in learning. We just want to jump into the market without having any or very small cognizance and we end up losing. We always emphasize on the fact to learn and then to earn. Invest your time in learning because you learn once and it will be with you for the rest of your life.

Ready to play ?